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[Aug. 18th, 2003|12:03 pm]
[mood |broken]
[music |silence]

so the funeral is pushed back to saturday -- memorial service thursday.

this shit is all too weird. i've seen people die before -- family, friends my age, younger than me, what have you. i a lost a close college friend in november. i lost a theater colleague in 2000. and there have been others, whom i won't detail out of respect.

but this one...this is going to be the hardest thing i ever deal with.

i'll be seeing everyone soon, but with the good comes the bad. thank god ive got erin to bear it with me.

i'm starting to lose it. i called a friend who didn't know him, and choked on words. all i really want to hear is something that has nothing to do with this -- something totally meaningless and foreign. i want this to go away, and i want him to be back on the stage, back in dance studio three, back being an adorable young miscreant that had a tendency to spit milkshake all over me and scream, "Splooge!" seventeen years isnt enough.

it's time to get that fourth tattoo.

From: heavensdoor
2003-08-19 05:44 pm (UTC)

something unrelated...

i am an official HCC student as of today.
i watched the entire first season of will & grace this week.
i think i am addicted to hand sanitizer.
salt and vinegar chips are really good.
gossip magazines are so fun.
there are no movies worth seeing out right now.
i'm not old enough to go to a bar and that sucks.
i promise next time you need me, i won't be at an iron maiden concert.
you are a great friend to me.
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